Marine procedures



The procedures and guidelines are developed by ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (COPSAS). Although COPSAS has made the procedures and guidelines available to its suppliers for their sole use, the procedures and guidelines are exclusively owned by COPSAS. Please, be aware that information provided in the procedures and guidelines may be subject to supplier’s duty of confidentiality under the supplier’s applicable contract with COPSAS. Please, also note that whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the procedures and guidelines, COPSAS will not assume any liability for any loss, cost, expense or claims of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any party by the use these procedures or guidelines.

Life saving rules (Please point the cusor on top of each icon below to view details for each Life Saving Rule)

Document Number Document Title Newest Revision
N/A Life Saving Rules (LSR) - Norway Business Unit Rev 01
N/A Life Saving Rules (LSR) - Symbols Rev 01

Marine procedures

Document Number Document Title Newest Revision
3929E Norway Marine Operation Manual Rev 16
6167E Planning of safe load handling in the supply chain, Tananger Base Rev 07
6354E Transport, Storage and Handling of dangerous goods in ConocoPhillips Rev 04
6264E Emergency Preparedness Specification for Vessels operating in the Greater Ekofisk Area Rev 09
5034N Helse, miljø og sikkerhet for Tananger base (Forsyningstjenesten) * Rev 06
6275N Sikre Baseoperasjoner Tananger Base * Rev 06
4991N Samordningsdokument Områdeberedskap I Sørfeltalliansen * Rev 24
6316E Requirements for Manned Underwater Operations (MUO) Rev 06

* Norwegian language only